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Frango Diablo?

Hey guys! My name is Niles and I’m the owner and founder of Frango Diablo. August of 2013 I created my first Portuguese Chicken recipe, a favourite dish of all South Africans. When I look back, it was a rather intricate recipe. As the years went by, I continuously worked on the recipe. Honestly speaking I worked on it every week for the last eight years, in some form or the other.

It was never my intention for the product to become a commercial venture, and neither did I harbour any thoughts of it developing into one. It was only during 2019 that I began to toy with the idea of it perhaps turning into a business, as the product by then was already easily in the top-bracket of Portuguese-styled flame grilled chicken in our country.

Our methods are quite painstaking, but this is exactly why the product tastes the way it does, realistically speaking – it had to be this way, as it was the only chance to enter the market as a new-comer and challenge the established players in the flamed grilled environment.

So here we are, almost 8 years later, about to unleash our special product to the citizens of our land. We are confident that you will be thoroughly impressed by it. I urge you to email me at any time to hear your view and comments on this very special dish.


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